Claudia Yorath

Head of People and Progression

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Hi I'm Claudia...

What is your role at Creaseys?

To continue making Creaseys a great place to work!

What are your specialisms and areas of interest?

I head up our Human Resources and Support Team so my main areas of interest are making sure we have a happy team, who are well supported.  Team development and progression are also hot on my radar, and with a growing and ambitious business, its about ensuring we have a strong team to support this, with the right people in the right seats.   

What's your proudest achievement at Creaseys (so far)?

Having been here around for 14 years, I have lots of proud achievements but here are a few:   Being part of the Leadership Team and getting to work with a group of talented, forward-thinking, engaging and like-minded people.   Being part of the EOS journey, and helping to implement the structure and practical tools that support this concept.   Seeing the Trainees we recruit each year achieve their professional qualifications and progress through the business.   Creating the 'Reasons to Love Creaseys' which shows what a fantastic place Creaseys is to work!  

What three words would you use to describe Creaseys?

  • Ambitious
  • Creative
  • Energetic

What are your five favourite things?

  • My family
  • Socialising with my friends
  • Clothes shopping
  • White wine
  • Watching trashy TV programmes

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